Do you realize ?

Do you realize sometimes that a part of The Island of the Haunted plot is about a little girl that vandalize public places on an island by engraving “I Tego Arcana Dei” on walls and a bench ?

Extract of the letter found in the Father’s Bible

”(…) and stole the long sought scrolls of Ruhtra, (…)”

If you wonder what Ruhtra means, try back forward, and it gives Arthur.

I read some time ago that someone has been reading this on the screen too, wondering what could Ruhtra means, I wanted to answer to that person but there was no contact possibilites, so here it it :).

Now the mistery is, what the f-word could be the scrolls of Arthur ?

In my top 10 fav screens caps.

Last year I had an school board that I entirely cover of drawing instead of writing my homework in it. Miss Parker apeared several times in it, but this is the best draw of the character I guess. (I can draw other people with a best way according to me, but this face has always been a challenge because of the imagination the character create in me. So damn it if it’s not precisely her face)


This is my new crack video about The Pretender. Enjoy !


The Pretender - Song Spoof III


The Pretender - Crack

Wow, how stupid is that ! :D


Last Song Spoof about The Pretender. 

Only for entertainement. 


Miss Parker should quit smoking, but some of the scenes it gives are so priceless. :X

This song immediatly made me thought about this scene, I hope somebody gonna be agree with me one day. ;^p